Interview: SUSE country manager Grant Bennett on IoT

In this promoted episode of the podcast, TechCentral speaks to SUSE country manager Grant Bennett about the growing interest in and adoption by enterprises in South Africa of Internet of things (IoT) technologies.
The discussion, flowing from a recent roundtable with IT leaders in South Africa, begins with a discussion about how Transnet is using advanced IoT sensors on the longest train in the world, which moves between South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Previously, the train’s drivers would make periodic stops to inspect the carriages by walking down the track and physically locating problems. This process was both inefficient and, in some cases, dangerous, with drivers being subjected to bandits and crime. Bennett explains how Transnet has used IoT to solve the problem.
He also talks about how other South African enterprises, including cement giant AfriSam, after putting IoT into commercial use.
The conversation turns to SUSE’s role in IoT, its relationship with software giant SAP and the role that SAP’s in-memory database platform Hana can play in IoT implementations.
Lastly, Bennett talks about security and whether IoT data should reside on customers’ premises or in the cloud (hint: it depends on the application and the industry).
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