Interview: .ZADNA acting CEO Peter Madavhu

In this promoted episode of the podcast, .ZADNA acting CEO Peter Madavhu joins TechCentral for a discussion on the role of the regulatory agency in South Africa's Internet domain space.
In the discussion, Madavhu provides an overview of the .za namespace and what is involved in regulating it.
.ZADNA is a non-profit accountable to the department of communications & digital technologies responsible regulating local Internet registrars. Madavhu talks about the regulator's ambit and how it works with registrars.
What are the benefits of using .za over, say, a .com address? And what are the challenges that the local industry is facing and how can these be resolved?
Madavhu talks about this as well as the growing problem of domain-name abuse and how is .ZADNA trying to deal with it.
The discussion wraps up with a discussion about .ZADNA's alternative dispute resolution process and how it works.