'I'm stoked to be alive': Kirsten Landman

Hard enduro biker Kirsten Landman made history in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia by becoming one of the first African women, alongside Taye Perry from East London, to ride the toughest motorsport race in the world.
Her journey to the Dakar, however, was paved with challenges, some near-fatal. Her 2013 crash in Botswana, where she suffered a lacerated spleen, severed pancreas and ripped small intestine, still rings in her mind.She revealed in New Frame that she battled to cope with the mental challenges that came with riding her enduro bike again, but part of the journey to recovery was to “get back on the saddle”.This is the full interview, with award-winning sports journalist and SportsLIVE podcast host Sbu Mjikeliso, recorded on the eve of the Dakar Rally.