A tale of two platforms: Chips with Everything podcast

Kari Paul and Alex Hern join Jordan Erica Webber to discuss how the big social media platforms are tackling the sticky issue of political adverts. Dr Kate Dommett also talks about how UK political parties could use or misuse social media as they launch their general election campaigns.. Help support our independent journalism at theguardian.com/chipspod
4 Nov 2019 English United Kingdom Technology

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When death pings: Chips with Everything podcast

Would you download an app that sends you a reminder five times a day that you’re going to die? Some people are doing exactly that. This week, Jordan Erica Webber attempts to figure out why we need this kind of app, and why we’re so dependent on apps in general…
9 Mar 2018 22 min

Google vs the right to be forgotten: Chips with Everything podcast

In April 2018, Google lost a landmark case against a businessman who used his ‘right to be forgotten’ to have links to a previous conviction taken down from the search engine. Jordan Erica Webber discusses the importance of this case and looks ahead at the coming era of General Data…
20 Apr 2018 23 min