Is SA’s digital information safe?

How safe is your data? How safe is SA’s digital information? With the City of Johannesburg and banking sector both having coming under ransom attacks and possible hacking, cyber threats and security have come under the spotlight.

In this edition of Business Day Spotlight, our focus is on protecting data stored on simple hard drives and computers from intrusion or unwelcome access.

Our host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Bridgette Vermaak, information technology asset disposal (ITAD) manager for Xperien, a Johannesburg-based ITAD company.

Data breaches have become synonymous with internet hacking in recent years but Vermaak says the simple act of not effectively deleting data on a computer or hard drive is a major point of vulnerability for many individuals and organisations

She gives a guide on how make sure that data is truly erased, how their software works to achieve this, together with a look at the economics of data breaches and how these have become like the oil spills of the 21st century.

Audio taken from:

Clip 1: The Economics Of Trust: Data Breaches and How To Prevent Them (Internet Society on YouTube)


Time: 00.00 to 00.30

Clip 2: Disk Formatting As Fast As Possible (Tech Quickie on YouTube)


Time: 00.00 to 01.30

Listen in to hear the full discussion and thoughts around these and other questions.

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