Oliver Reginald Tambo was born in the village of Kantilla - Bizana - on 27 October 1917. This month the country celebrates his life and remembers him. He became the deputy president of the ANC in 1958 and a year later was served with a five-year banning order. He fled the country – settling in Botswana first – as he made his way to London – where he settled.
Tambo returned to south Africa in 1990 after more than 30 years in exile – because of the legalisation of the ANC but Tambo had suffered a stroke in 1989 – and so in 1991 nelson Mandela took over as president of the organisation.
Tambo stayed on as the national chairman.
He died on April 24 - 1993 - at the age of 75.
He was buried in Benoni, in Gauteng.
To celebrate his life – Denzil Taylor and Linda Manganye produced this documentary …