Stock Watch - Stock Picks — Tencent, Alphabet and Airbus

Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Tencent as his stock pick of the day and David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Alphabet Inc and Airbus

McCurrie said: "Mine is Tencent and it's just merely a case of if you look in the past I mean I'm not a great believer in technicals but it seems to get to this bottom level and bounce up from there. And the business itself is still doing good and it's come under a bit of price pressure lately.

Shapiro said: "I have two stock picks, Airbus which is a gimme. Air travel is going to (I think) quadruple within the next 15 years, in other words (I can't remember the exact numbers) but there's an astonishing number of people that are going to air travel so you have to keep renewing your fleet. There are only two places that you can renew your fleet
with or to manufacture. One is Airbus the other is Boeing. Boeing's under short term pressure most of the time, but Airbus - go look at their order book, they don't have to get
another order for nine years and they'll still be producing aircrafts, so it's an absolute gimme. You want to benefit from global travel take Airbus. The other pick is Alphabet, I'm big in tech at the moment, Zuckerberg is testifying against one of the House committees etc and you realize how big and powerful they are but, you want to advertise you've got to go Facebook, and you've got to go Google. There's nowhere else you can go. Instagrams for children you know but for big businesses for grownups, they go to Facebook.