The idea of Geek Culture

Did you know that 71 000 people attended Comic Con Africa in Jo'burg recently? William Shatner was there! So-called “Geek Culture” or “Nerd Culture" is clearly really popular in South Africa. Excitingly, we’re also seeing the rise of local comic heroes like Kwezi and Captain South Africa (who is a woman, by the way!) and the brilliant visual artists who make them. Jessica speaks to Zaid H. Motala, self-described Geek Culture ambassador, about the world of comics, superheroes, gaming, cosplay, fantasy and science fiction.

Links from this episode:

Comic Con Africa
Comic Con Cape Town
Zaid Motala on Facebook, including some hilarious videos:
Artist Bill Musuku and Captain South Africa:
Kwezi Comic Books:
Ray Witcher, Illustrator and Artist
Marvel Unlimited subscription service:
DCUniverse (but currently only available in the US, sorry):
Crunchyroll for streaming anime and manga:
Shonenjump for manga:

During the interview, Jessica refers to the ugly incident around the Hugo Science Fiction Awards which took place in 2015. To understand what she’s talking about, read more here: