Are you a dependent of a compensation fund cover pensioner? Are you wondering who is going to finance your studies after you matriculate? We are joined in studio by compensation fund assistant directors-Ntsodi Mafa and Ndivhudzannyi Khaphathe who enlighten and educate us on the importance and duly benefits of bursary fund cover offered by the compensation fund. They explain to us who the eligible candidates of such a bursary are, they also break down the different courses that are offered by different universities across the country. The following are but a few questions that they shed light on:
• What are the eligibility requirements?
• When is the closing date for the submission of applications?
• Where can I submit the bursary application forms?
• How to apply?
Do not miss out on an opportunity to improve your life and further your studies. Join us for more on the compensation fund bursary cover.