Stock Watch - Stock Picks — US Corporate Bond ETF and RMI

Ian Cruickshanks from SAIRR chose US Corporate Bond ETF as his stock pick of the day and Rowan Williams from Nitrogen Fund Managers chose Rand Merchant Inv Hldgs.

Cruickshank said: I'm still bearish on the rand and South African economy so any protection for that I'd go to a
dollar priced ETF and would be happy to be there for a year or two on the S&P 500.

Williams said: "I'm going for RMI and it's kind of hedging your bets, it's a holding company and it's also moved to a wider discount. It's actually got a mix of local assets which I guess is somewhat interest rate sensitive Discovery, Momentum, MTN and then also OUTsurance which is actually a fantastic asset and business and has sort of been in a little bit of a lull. So a bit of a mixed balance at a fairly good discount to NAV."​