Interview: My Pen Pal, The Serial Killer

True Crime South Africa — In 1996, Moses Sithole was sentenced to 2410 years in prison for a prolific series of murders. The mind of a man who could commit such atrocities has been a fascination to professionals and the public alike. Many journalists attempted to interview him and Moses was not short of prospective pen pals – well-meaning individuals who were interested in communicating with him in the hopes that they could truly understand his psyche. One such person was Charmaine Ó Neale. She first visited Moses as part of a prison ministry program in 2004 and they began to communicate by letter.
In True Crime South Africa’s first interview, we talk to Charmaine about those experiences. She reads us parts of the letters and cards she received from Moses Sithole and tells us how she realised that something very dark was happening in their communications.