S1/Ep.02 - IBSC Action Research: Cutting-Edge Research by Boys’ Educators for Boys’ Educators

Join IBSC Director of Membership Engagement Bruce Collins as he hosts conversations about the IBSC Action Research Program with the IBSC Action Research advisor team and 2019 IBSC Action Research Award honorees.

In the latest episode of the IBSC Exploring Boys’ Education podcast, Margot Long, coordinator of the IBSC Action Research Program, describes this unparalleled professional development opportunity offered by IBSC since 2005. Meet the team leading this global learning opportunity, which has engaged more than 420 teachers and administrators worldwide in cutting-edge research projects conducted in boys’ schools over a two-year period. Di Laycock also shares some of the history of the program and highlights the need for rigor in teacher-led research.

Hear directly from action researchers about their firsthand experiences with the program, including 2019 IBSC Action Research Award honorees Peter Bonds and James Kearney.

Take advantage of this opportunity to conduct research at your school. Apply for the 2020-21 IBSC Action Research cohort to investigate Boys and Technology: New Horizons, New Challenges, New Learning. Get more details on our website. Apply by November 1.

Remember, IBSC member schools can access all the past IBSC Action Research reports in IBSC Member Center. In particular, check out James Kearney and Peter Bonds’ research reports and posters.

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