More women needed in construction and water sectors

Women who are currently in business or considering the entrepreneurship route are encouraged to pursue opportunities in the construction and water sectors. This is according to the Free State Department of Water and Sanitation’s Mogee Kumang, who says that various opportunities for women to break into these two mentioned sectors exist, however, not enough women know how to enter these industries as not enough information exists on this. Speaking to OFM News, Kumang said that for this purpose, the Department will host a workshop in Bloemfontein on Monday, 19 August, where the department will elaborate on the opportunities that exist in these sectors, the supply chain processes to follow for success as well as other topics relevant to those seeking to break into these industries, which are normally male-dominated. This event as well as several others that follow thereafter form part of the Department’s Women’s Month itinerary, which seeks to promote awareness on the water sector and the various business and career opportunities women can pursue in this industry.