Stock Watch - Stock Picks — cash

Deryck Janse Van Rensburg from Anchor Securities and Ian Cruickshanks from the SAIRR both chose cash as their stock picks of the day

Janse van Rensburg said: "If I was going to look for a stock to buy it would typically be in the US at this stage of the game, there is a gap between US Treasuries and where the markets are at the moment - it does concern me. I am a buyer of the US market but I just don't think we are at levels that I would like to see just yet. I'm keeping a close eye on things like Microsoft and Amazon but I'm keeping some powder dry, waiting, being patient and looking for an opportunity on a bit more of a pull-back."

Cruickshanks said: "What can you say about an economy that produced between one and two hundred thousand jobs every month. It has to be the only game to play, in that respect from my point of view, I would take whatever I can out of SA markets and keep it in dollars, in cash in the US at the moment.