Interview: Aptronics joint MD Alex Russell on the intelligent workspace

In this promoted episode of the podcast, TechCentral interviews Alex Russell, MD of iOCO Technology subsidiary Aptronics, on the concept of the “intelligent workspace” and how it can boost employee productivity.
Russell explains why the intelligent workspace is critically important in modern organisations, not only to improve productivity, but also in acquiring and retaining talent.
In the podcast, he talks about how to quantify the impact of streamlining and improving the user experience and how organisations should set about embarking on a project like this as well as who should drive it.
The conversation touches on issues such as managing e-mail, exposing apps and corporate information and workflows to users in the most efficient and effective way, and the pitfalls companies should be aware of when addressing these issues. Should organisations be tackling the intelligent workspace as part of their cloud and digital transformation projects? And if so, how?
Also, with millennials starting to enter the workforce – youngsters who have eschewed e-mail and who expect corporate apps and systems to function in the same way they’re used to using consumer apps on their smartphones – how can companies re-engineer their systems to ensure they attract and keep the best talent?