The Mansfield In The Morning team spoke to Madelein Oosthuizen whose young family has experienced a traumatic loss recently and Hot Cares wanted to bring some sunshine back into their lives.
8 Jul 2019 English South Africa Non-Profit · Non-Profit

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Silverstar And Hot Cares lend a helping hand to Angels Baby Sanctuary

Angels Baby Sanctuary, founded in 2014 by Anne Ebrahim, is dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, orphaned, sickly, or abused babies. Their holistic approach ensures these little ones receive love, medical care, and educational support in a safe, homely environment. Currently caring for 12 babies, the sanctuary faces challenges like…
22 May 6 min

Hot Cares steps up to Help Husky Rescue SA

Husky Rescue SA, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned and abused Huskies, urgently needs new Wendy Houses for their haven in Farmall, Johannesburg. With winter approaching, it's crucial these beautiful dogs have secure and warm shelters.
20 May 6 min

Hot Cares pledges R60,000 for 34 year old woman’s sight-saving surgery

At just 34, Carla Senekal faces immense challenges, from her mother's health crisis to her own severe vision loss due to Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts. With only 30% vision in her right eye and 25% in her left, she needs surgery to regain her sight, but financial barriers stand in her…
16 May 5 min

Hot Cares extends lifesaving support to Reiger Park heroes

Support Chaplaincy and Trauma Support unit tirelessly assists those affected by gangsterism, murder, and drugs. Kevin Koopman, a dedicated medic, sacrifices his time and resources to respond to emergencies. This unit runs solely on volunteers who use their own resources and money to keep the unit going. They are in…
13 May 6 min