Stock Watch - Stock Pick — Beyond Meat and Coronation

Bright Khumalo from Vestact chose Beyond Meat as his stock pick of the day and Chantal Marx from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Coronation Fund Managers.

Khumalo said: "I'm going short on Beyond Meat. I think the stock is over run. Beyond Meat make a "Beyond Burger" from wheat based material and all sorts of plants. Their argument is that basically that their market is not people who are vegetarians or the likes but rather people who want to eat less meat. I mean there's nothing wrong with the product I think the problem is just the evaluation, it's beyond and unfortunately and at some point it's going to come down and it's going to unwind to realistic expectations. If you look at the quarterly figures, all it takes is just one miss and this company is going to be flying down."

Marx said: "I would be a buyer of Coronation Fund Managers at these levels. Even though there is an expectation that volatility in equity markets are likely to persist, the reality is again everything has its price and from a valuation perspective the stock really looks compelling at the moment. So, when looking at an asset manager, we use a ratio called the "price to assets under management", this stock is trading at like a 13-year low in terms of its price relative to assets under management we think that most of the major outflows are of Coronation is probably behind the stock for now, and even though we do need a little bit of a tail wind from the South African equity market and we are unsure around when that will actually occur, you get a 7.8 percent dividend yield while you wait so I think it's a good time to enter Coronation."