Stock Watch - Stock Picks — Shoprite and Reinet

Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Shoprite as his stock pick of the day and Rowan Williams from Nitrogen Fund Managers chose Reinet.

McCurrie said: "I'll go for an SA retailer and pick Shoprite. it's looking cheap the economy's at the bottom, it can turn around. Things cant get any worse so they'll get better."

Williams said: "We like Reinet, it does have a large exposure to British American Tobacco but that has reduced significantly from what it was, it is a bull diversify portfolio some exposure to PensCorp and the private equity assets. It looks like they are getting the portfolio in order, as well cleaning it, up doing share buybacks, doing the right things. So, it still trades at a deep discount to NAV and I think that discount can narrow."