#1  Chapter 1

The story centers on the all-encompassing, passionate, but ultimately doomed love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them and the people around them. There are differing opinions on whether this is the ultimate love story or the ultimate story of revenge. (Summary by Wikipedia and Amanda Friday)

Mr. Lockwood: Jason Mills
Heathcliff: Bruce Pirie
Catherine Earnshaw/Narrator: Amanda Friday
Ellen Dean: Tiffany Halla Colonna
Joseph: Algy Pug
Edgar Linton: Alan Mapstone
Isabella Linton: Arielle Lipshaw
Hindley Earnshaw: Anthony
Hareton Earnshaw: John Trevithick
Cathy Linton: Elizabeth Klett
Linton Heathcliff: Chuck Williamson
Frances: Charlotte Duckett
Mr. Kenneth: Ken Garrett
Zillah: Caprisha Page
Jabez Branderham/Ostler: Martin Geeson
Mr. Earnshaw: DublinGothic
Robert: Ernst Pattynama
Mr. Linton/Laborer/Servant: Moromis
Mrs. Linton: April Gonzales
Mary: Grace Garrett
Housekeeper: Kristingj
Herd Boy: Donna Winters
Old Woman: Sally Mc
Boy: Katalina Watt

Audio edited by Todd
ENGLISH Read by LibriVox Volunteers Arts