Unpacking South Africa's decline

South Africa has a well developed and functioning economy resembling that of a first world country but the society seems to have stagnated in a third world state for decades says Claude Baissac, CEO of Eunomix - a research and advisory firm that assesses countries on a number of metrics to determine their economic and social health.In this edition of Business Day Spotlight, our host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Baissac, who unpacks their firm’s research into the SA economy explaining some of their findings and insights that could help develop sustainable policy solutions to the country’s problems. He explains their motivation for conducting this research, its history and importance for the country internally, and investors externally. With the much anticipated May 8 general election only weeks away, the state’s next set of leaders have a unique set of problems to tackle if the SA is to grow above the paltry rate of 1% per annum.