Stock Watch - Stock Picks - Khula Sizwe and Louis Vuitton

Bright Khumalo from Vestact chose Khula Sizwe as his stock pick of the day and Nesan Nair from Sasfin Securities chose LVMH (MTA)

Khumalo said: "I'm choosing the Barloworld BEE scheme, it's called Khula Sizwe. As a black shareholder initially you get a 5% discount to the entry and on top of that they have guaranteed growth of 8% on their second year's lease. So, already you know that you are getting 8% which means that you are guaranteed 13% in the first two years. This is a property company that used to belong to Barloworld which comprises of their retail properties, industrials and some mix uses. It's a nice stable business and a nice stable deal."

Nair said: "I am going for Louis Vuitton, they came out with their results on Thursday the market was expecting 8.5% revenue growth and they printed at 11% in the quarter. If you look at the share price over the last ten years it spent a long time between €110 and €130 but in the last three years it is over €345. There is still a lot of momentum in earnings and I think the prospects are going to be very good."
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