Stock Watch - Stock Picks - Sasol and Hyprop

Jonathan Fisher of PSG Wealth Sandton chose Sasol Limited as his stock pick of the day and Nick Crail of Ashburton Investments chose Hyprop Inv Ltd.

Fisher said: "Sasol came out with a decent set of numbers for the half year December and they are now trading at a price to earnings ratio of around ten times which is below the market average. They do have a lot of debt on their balance sheet and they have spent a lot of CAPEX on the Lake Charles project but we believe that it will start to come into fruition next year and profits will start flowing through to the bottom line."

Crail said: "Economic fundamentals are not favourable for this company as it stands at the moment, our argument would be that you are still picking up a quality asset, quality management and quality retail portfolio and you're now picking it up at relative bargain basement sort of prices. So, yes - if you're of the opinion that our macros are going to get worse and worse forever, this is going to go down. If however you think you know what it's probably darkest before the dawn as much as we don't anticipate a radical recovery in SA's GDP in the next six months if we start moving in the right sort of direction, and just some positive sentiment comes into the property market but specifically this share, I think there's this is quite significant upside from these levels."
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