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00:00 Jennifer pan you know she was always by the side of Madiba caring
00:23 for him helping him to sit down helping him to stand his closest staff associate given
00:44 our history would you have thought as elephant run would be Soho intimately Lynch ratnagiri
01:14 do you want to set up in the
01:20 morial for him I think he would need one something in store ultimately he
01:40 would one South African to be his memorial we you I all
02:02 of us heaven anyway I made to the world a word that was expecting us to
02:20 be devastated by a racial conflagration looked on in amazement incision from the injustice of racial oppression to
02:44 this new South Africa we give hope to the world in
03:01 the one kiss you and I can give to the world elaphiti memorial remembrance dadar
03:27 Ash to become one of world export impossible letters
03:42 give him the gift Office South Africa 1 card
04:07 thank you for the gift of Madiba thank you for what years in a brood us to know we can
04:20 become helpline to become that kind of nation Beeston
04:49 listen to the words of our Savior Jesus Christ I give you a new commandment love one another as I have loved you
05:00 so are you to love one another if there is this love among you then all will know that you are my disciples The Peace of the lord be always with you