Political Journalism with Quaanitah Hunter

We delve deep into the career and decision making of well-known South African Journalist Quaanitah Hunter. Despite being only 25 years old, she is a senior reporter for many media houses. The following is a break down of the discussion:
00:00: How Quaanitah Hunter's career in journalism started
06:42: Her first book 'The Diary of a Guji Girl'
10:47: mental health and journalism
14:57: how she clarified the new NDP directorate and Eskom unbundling amidst confusing sensationalism in the media.
19:08: her understanding of zulu and judging politicians based on language
21.55: media ethics, covering the maharani meeting, fake news., deciding how to choose stories.
29:41: her upcoming podcast on the South African criminal justice system
31:40: is it possible for a journalist to have a personal alignment to a political party?
33:50: the future of journalism as a trade.
36:22: how to give hope amid negative news.
38:52: concluding with more personal remarks