The crypto conundrum

Success breeds success – for cryptocurrencies to gain more acceptance, people need to see value in utilising and participating in the underlying economies of the blockchain technologies.
3 Feb 2019 English South Africa Business

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The future of work - part 2

In this second podcast on the future of work, we talk to Marc Kahn, Investec's global head of organisational development and human resources, about how individuals can be more productive in a chaotic digital world.
24 Dec 2018 14 min

The future of work - part 1

In a new world of gigs, unicorns and automation, change in the workplace is inevitable but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be out of a job. We talk to Investec's head of OD and HR, Marc Kahn and a host of other experts about what the workplace of…
15 Jan 2019 26 min