24 Jan Promoted | Exploring Huawei's network energy solutions, with Pinnacle

In this promoted episode of the podcast, TechCentral interviews Huawei and Pinnacle executives on Huawei’s IT networking energy portfolio.
Fred Saayman, Huawei Business Unit executive at Pinnacle, and John Davidson, senior product manager at Huawei, talk about the Chinese ICT giant’s range of product offerings in the networked energy space, which makes for a particularly interesting discussion in light of the energy-supply challenges South Africa is currently facing.
From UPSes to hybrid power solutions and solar inverters, Davidson walks through the portfolio and talks about some of the key challenges that corporate buyers are facing in South Africa. He also looks at how the conversations with business have changed in recent years as load shedding became a reality.
Saayman also spends a few minutes talking to Huawei's partner structure in South Africa and how this works, with particular reference to the reseller channel.
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