Snakes in the City

Erin D caught up with snake catchers Simon and Siouxsie from the hit show Snakes In The City this week to talk about snake safety and to put some slithery myths about snakes to rest. With the change in weather leading to an increase in snake activity and kids on holiday, Erin decided that she needed to speak to the team about what to do if anyone, their kids or even their pets comes across a snake. Take a listen to the podcast in case you missed it, and don't forget to save the Snake City Hotline number this festive season.
"I seriously encourage everyone to save this number and make use of it if they do spot a snake, Killing a snake is not an option, we need them in our ecosystems. Call the team and they will safely rescue, remove and relocate the snake for you without anyone being harmed" - Erin D
Snakes In The City Hotline - 060 633 6054
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