Interview: Monero's Riccardo Spagni returns

Monero lead maintainer and Tari co-founder Riccardo Spagni returns to the TechCentral podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about the great cryptocurrency crash of 2018 and the importance of privacy in the digital age.
In the podcast with TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod, Spagni -- also known as "fluffypony" -- chats about the progress that Tari, a decentralised assets protocol, has made since it was announced earlier this year.
Spagni then gives his views on the collapse in the value of cryptocurrencies this year and whether he thinks the bear market is near the bottom (spoiler alert: he does).
He then delves into the subject of privacy in the modern world and the role of monero as an anonymous cryptocurrency, and talks about whether governments have overreached in the digital age.
There's plenty more, too. Don't miss this discussion with a fascinating South African.