22 Nov Interview: McAfee's Trevor Coetzee and DRS's Rob Brown

In this promoted* episode of the podcast, TechCentral talks to Rob Brown, CEO of cybersecurity specialists DRS, and Trevor Coetzee, regional director for sub-Saharan Africa at McAfee.
In the discussion, Coetzee speaks about the history of McAfee, from its founding in 1987, to its acquisition in 2011 Intel (and its later unbundling), and its history in South Africa.
Brown then talks about DRS, what the company does and its relationship with McAfee.
The discussion turns to the information security landscape and how it has changed in recent years, the challenges facing companies in South Africa in dealing with security issues and the issues that are top of mind for chief information security officers today.
How has “shadow IT” complicated efforts by companies to safeguard their information assets, and what impact has the rise of cloud computing had on their approach to this crucial issue?
What should companies know when considering a cloud strategy, from a security, legal/compliance and regulatory perspective? What are they doing right and wrong? And where ultimately does the buck stop?
Brown and Coetzee tackle these topics and more in the podcast.
* This episode of the podcast is promoted content that may have been paid for by the party concerned
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