12 Nov Interview: Huawei Enterprise Group's Alex Du Min and Pinnacle's Fred Saayman

Promoted podcast | In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral talks to Alex Du Min, MD of the Huawei Enterprise Group in South Africa, and Fred Saayman, Pinnacle’s Huawei business unit executive.
Du Min talks in detail about how Huawei got its start, expanded rapidly into new areas, its establishment in South Africa and how the company is building its brand in the country.
He then delves into the Huawei Enterprise Group, what it does and its expansion plans in South Africa.
Saayman talks about Pinnacle’s relationship with Huawei, the nature of the partnership and what its role is as a value-added distributor.
He explains the pressure points facing South African businesses and the areas of strongest demand from clients.
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