Interview: Aerobotics CEO James Paterson

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews James Paterson, co-founder and CEO of Aerobotics, a Cape Town-based company that pairs drone and satellite imagery with artificial intelligence to help farmers improve their yields.
Focused specifically on tree crops, Aerobotics can analyse individual trees, measure their health and whether anything is affecting them, advising farmers about potential problems and how to fix them.
The business, which enjoys the backing of Nedbank, has plans to expand beyond South Africa and has already set up teams in the US states of Florida and California.
In the podcast, Paterson explains how the company got its start, how the technology works and how it goes to market.
Founded by Paterson and his business partner Benji Meltzer (who serves as chief technology officer), Aerobotics' software, Aeroview, allows tree-crop farmers to identify early-stage problems in their orchards. Used in conjunction with the Aerobotics’ Aeroview Scout App on their smartphone, farmers are able to locate problem areas on a tree-by-tree basis.
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