10 Aug Interview: Coindirect chief product officer Stephen Young

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Stephen Young, chief product officer at a new, Cape Town-based cryptocurrency exchange called Coindirect, which is focused on facilitating crypto trading in emerging markets, especially in Africa.
Young talks about the origins of Coindirect, what it offers and why it believes there is a largely untapped market in Africa for cryptocurrency trading.
In the podcast, he explains Coindirect's business model - including its fee structure - as well as how the company protects its customers' investments from a security perspective.
Young talks about why trading cryptos in many African markets is difficult, and how the company seeks to make it easier through its peer-to-peer market.
He also gives his views on where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going in the long-term, and which tokens he's invested in and why.
It's a great discussion. Don't miss it!
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