2 Aug Interview: Liquid Telecom CEO Reshaad Sha

Reshaad Sha returns to the podcast in this episode to talk about his appointment as CEO of Liquid Telecom in South Africa.
Sha, who was previously with Dark Fibre Africa as chief strategy officer and CEO of DFA’s Internet of things subsidiary SqwidNet, joined Liquid Telecom two months ago.
In the podcast, he explains why he decided to take up the opportunity and sets out the challenges and opportunities facing the operator formerly known as Neotel.
Liquid Telecom South Africa, which has been through several big challenges in recent years (as Neotel), was originally created as the second national operator to compete with then-monopoly provider Telkom.
Sha talks about where the company is positioned in the market today, where he’s going to focus his efforts as CEO and why the operator's spectrum assets offer huge potential. In the podcast, he hints that a deal is in the works to unlock the potential of that spectrum.
He also explains how Liquid Telecom is positioning itself in cloud computing and data centre infrastructure and touches on the policy and regulatory landscape in telecommunications in South Africa.
It’s a great discussion. Don’t miss it!
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