19 Jul Interview: Dimension Data's Peter Gray on the Tour de France

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Peter Gray, senior director of the Dimension Data Global Sports Practice, about how advanced technology is being used at this year’s Tour de France.
Speaking from the race, Gray explains how an advanced layer of technology has been blanketed over the world’s premier cycling event, allowing a high level of real-time data and analytics to be shared with cycling fans and the teams behind this year’s entrants - on television, on social media and the Web.
In the podcast, Gray explains how Dimension Data, which has been involved with La Tour since 2015, has applied machine learning and predictive analytics at this year’s event. He talks about the team of hi-tech vehicles involved in tracking the race, what's involved in following the 176 participants, how all the data that is collected is processed - both in real-time and in the cloud - and the myriad data points involved.
Even if you’re not a cycling fan, it’s a great discussion about how technology can be used to transform a major sporting event and make it more engaging for those involved and for fans. Don’t miss it!
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