Interview: Etion CEO Teddy Daka

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Teddy Daka, CEO of JSE-listed Etion (formerly Ansys) about the technology group's growth plans and its intention to move from the AltX to the main board of the JSE in the next 12 to 18 months.
In the podcast, Daka talks about background - from growing up in Livingstone in Zambia to studying abroad - and his career in business, including his decision around the turn of the century to launch his own investment group, Tedaka Investments, which has made investments in a wide range of industries, from broadcasting to telecommunications.
Daka, who took the reins at what was then Ansys about five years ago, talks about the company's growth plans, why it wants to switch to the main board of the JSE and what it needs to do before that happens.
He explains how the business has shifted focus from being a mainly engineering-focused and -led technology group to one that is focusing more now on digital solutions. A pioneer in black economic empowerment in South Africa, having advised several cabinet ministers, Daka also provides his views on BEE in 2018 - what has worked and what hasn't.
It's an interesting discussion. Don't miss it!
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