Interview: Entrepreneur and author Nic Haralambous

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews entrepreneur and newly published author Nic Haralambous about the highlights -- and the dark side -- of entrepreneurship and why he wrote a warts-and-all book about it.
The book, called "Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat.: The Truth Behind Building Businesses", details Haralambous's upbringing, his time at university -- including working on the student newspaper and starting his first business from campus -- to his time as a journalist and ultimately venturing out on his own.
He talks about his time as a journalist at the Financial Mail, why he later joined the Mail & Guardian, why he quit to join online video start-up Zoopy and his decision to join his friend "V" -- who he doesn't name in the book -- at Vodacom. He talks candidly about their venture, Motribe, moving to Cape Town, raising venture capital and how things ultimately came apart at the seams.
Haralambous, who now runs retailer and who has recently become involved in launching cryptocurrency website, talks in detail about the tough times he has faced as an entrepreneur and why he decided to write a tell-all book about it.
It's a great interview, with detailed insights into the difficulties involved in starting and building a business. Don't miss it!
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