Interview: Angola Cables CEO António Nunes

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Angola Cables CEO António Nunes about the Luanda-based company's undersea cable projects, which include building a new subsea cable, called Sacs, connecting Africa to South America and the US.
That cable, which should be ready to carry its first commercial traffic around September of this year, will be the first such system crossing the south Atlantic. It will provide a more direct route from Africa - including South Africa - to markets in South America and to the important Internet hub that is the US.
In the podcast, Nunes talks about the origin of Angola Cables, why it's investing aggressively in undersea cable capacity - including Wacs, Sacs and Monet - and where the business is going.
He also talks about the political and economic situation in Angola and where the country is going.
It's a great podcast. Don't miss it!
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