11 Apr Interview: Pinnacle CEO Tim Humphreys-Davies

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, TechCentral’s 100th, Duncan McLeod speaks to Tim Humphreys-Davies, CEO of Aviva Holdings subsidiary Pinnacle, about the state of IT distribution in South Africa.
In the podcast, Humphreys-Davies talks about the distribution industry and Pinnacle’s place in it as well as Alviva’s strategy to reinvent itself in both distribution and, increasingly, in services.
Distribution is a tough business – competitive, with low margins. Coupled with that, the economy has been weak for several years now. Listen as Humphreys-Davies talks about those challenges and what Pinnacle and the broader Alviva group are doing to ensure they can keep growing, both at the top line and in terms of earnings.
He talks about how the IT distribution business in South Africa has changed over the years, from an era of multimedia PCs to the rise of mobile and infrastructure solutions. He also touches on Pinnacle’s expansion into fibre telecommunications.
Among other things, Humphreys-Davies talks about signs of spring in the South African economy – especially a pick-up in business among small and medium enterprises – and how this could flow through into the corporate space later this year.
Lastly, he explains why Pinnacle might consider expanding beyond ICT distribution into new areas.
It’s a great podcast. Be sure to catch the full discussion.
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