28 Mar EOH was caught up in state capture 'war': Asher Bohbot

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. We take a break from our normal interview style in this podcast to bring you an extraordinary presentation delivered by Asher Bohbot, the former CEO of EOH -- and now its nonexecutive chairman -- at the company's interim results presentation in Johannesburg on Wednesday.
In the presentation, Bohbot said EOH was caught up in a "war" over state capture in South Africa.
Bohbot described the past year as one of "shock, anxiety and drama" for EOH and its employees.
In his extraordinary remarks, he both lashed out at the media's coverage of the company in the past year while at the same time praising journalists for unearthing corruption and state capture in South Africa.
"We can feel bitter, twisted, angry ... or we can choose to think about it differently," he said. "The way we see it is that EOH (and) our own people were part of the struggle for the changes that happened in this country in the middle of December. Without the media, pushing so hard ... I have zero doubt that the change that has happened -- and it was touch and go -- happened because of the media. The media carried that battle."
He continued: "...We don't see ourselves as victims. We are not victims. We have been part of that battle. In 20 years' time, we can say we were there... Maybe we were used as cannon fodder, but looking back (at it) in the scheme of the next 100 years, it's nothing. It's a cheap price to pay, for EOH and all of us in the country."
So, make it of it what you will, but it's certainly worth a listen. And please visit TechCentral.co.za for the full story.
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