9 Mar Interview: Why Cell C supports the Woan

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, Duncan McLeod talks to Cell C chief strategy officer Robert Pasley and chief legal officer Graham Mackinnon about the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill and why the mobile operator is strongly supportive of a plan by the government to create a wholesale open-access network (Woan).
In the podcast, Pasley and Mackinnon explain why Cell C believes the Woan is potentially a very good way of breaking the dominance of Vodacom and MTN in South Africa’s cellular industry, creating a more level playing field for smaller operators and allowing new entrants into the industry.
The discussion goes into detail about how Cell C believes a Woan should be structured and how it should work. It also touches on how much spectrum Cell C thinks the Woan should get and why, and why Vodacom and MTN should not be denied access to new exclusive-use spectrum to continue rolling out their networks.
Pasley and Mackinnon also explain why they believe open access is important to foster greater competition in South Africa’s mobile industry.
It’s a fascinating discussion about what the future of the telecoms industry could look like in South Africa. Don’t miss it!
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