What you need to know before you write and submit your CV ft Phiona Martin

A CV is your best marketing tool. It stands there as a banner showcasing your skills and competencies. No matter what stage you’re at in your career or what type of work you’re looking for, understanding how to tailor your skills and experience to a specific role is the key to creating a perfect CV. In this CareerPod we have a Career Strategist and CV expert Phiona Martin to help you and me.
8 Mar 2018 English Zimbabwe Careers · Business

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Education is supposed to empower people to go after their dreams, to broaden people’s worldview and their reasoning and thinking capacities, but is that what is happening in Zimbabwe? Is our education achieving that mandate or not?
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A Lifetime Excuse with Charlene Vhuta

There is greatness inside of everyone but there is also that single thing which is there to let everyone down! This is the one weakness that is our undoing. This weakness can be as a result of different and unfortunate circumstances in the course of our life or even something…
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If You Can't Find A Partner/Spouse That Supports Your Career: Stay Single

Professionally ambitious women really only have two options when it comes to their personal partners — a super-supportive partner or no partner at all. Anything in between ends up being a morale- and career-sapping morass. Professionally ambitious man seem to just have it all with the Bible and society on…
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Career Development Fighting Child Marriages ft Chakanetsa Ruzvidzo

Synopsis: Our understanding is that after every child has received and receiving information about Sexual Reproductive Health and the parents on why they should desist from marrying off their kids - they also need a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose on what they should look upto. We are…
26 Jan 2018 42 min