31 Jan Interview: SportsPodium's Natalie du Toit, Jaco Rossouw and Pieter Botha

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews three of the people behind SportsPodium, a blockchain-based information ledger for sportspeople and sporting communities.
In the interview, Natalie du Toit - the former Olympic and Paralympic swimmer who serves as chief development officer of SportsPodium - is joined by chief operating officer Jaco Rossouw and chief technology officer Pieter Botha to discuss the venture.
The idea behind SportsPodium is to reward everyday sportspeople - for those aged 12 and up and across all levels of proficiency - with crypto-based tokens for tracking their day-to-day sporting and training activities, submitting this information electronically, and building a digital storyboard of their sporting life.
The team wants to build SportsPodium into the world's largest multi-sport database of sports-related information.
It's an interesting venture and a great discussion. Don't miss the podcast!
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