7 Dec Interview: Mimecast MD Brandon Bekker

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, Duncan McLeod talks to the regional MD of Mimecast, Brandon Bekker.
Many TechCentral podcast listeners will no doubt have heard of Mimecast, which specialises in e-mail security, but few may realise that the Nasdaq-listed company, which has a market value of more than R20bn, was founded by South Africans and still has strong connections to the country.
Bekker traces the history of Mimecast and its founding by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray, how it built a strong presence in London before expanding to South Africa and then building a significant business in the US.
Since its listing on the Nasdaq in 2015, Mimecast has expanded to countries around the world, including continental Europe, East Africa, the Middle East and Australia.
If Mimecast were listed on the JSE today, it would be by far the biggest IT stock on the bourse, worth more than twice IT services group EOH.
In the podcast, Bekker talks about the competitive landscape, the latest threats and trends in cybersecurity around e-mail and provides some insight into the future of e-mail in business.
It’s a great podcast about a real South African success story. Don’t miss it.
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