Interview: Takealot CEO Kim Reid

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, CEO Kim Reid chats to Duncan McLeod about the past, present and future of South Africa's biggest online retailer.
In the podcast, Reid talks about the e-commerce market in South Africa and explains how Takealot is positioning itself to take advantage of anticipated growth.
Reid goes through the history of Takealot, how he -- a former Naspers executive -- got involved in the business, and the path to the company's anticipated profitability in about two years' time.
He explains the difficulties involved in e-commerce logistics in South Africa, how Takealot is preparing for so-called "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" later this month and how those days affect sales on the site, and tells TechCentral whether he's building Takealot to sell it to an international player such as Spoiler: he isn't.
It's a great podcast, providing real insight into the e-commerce game in South Africa. Don't miss it!