Interview: Sipho Maseko on the future of Telkom

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko chats to Duncan McLeod about the future of the telecommunications group.
The interview touches on Telkom's underperformance in fixed lines over the past six months and its strong performance in mobile broadband. Where will Telkom focus its capital expenditure and why?
Also in the podcast, Maseko talks about potential consolidation in both the fixed-line and mobile telecoms markets, and the role Telkom might play in that consolidation.
He explains what impact government's decision to sell a portion - or possibly all - of its stake in the company might have, and he explores what Telkom could do if it had access to spectrum below 1GHz (it is the only mobile operator without such spectrum).
Maseko also talks about Telkom's restructuring, its plan to rename itself and the future of the new property management business Gyro.
Lastly, he talks about his own future. What are his ambitions?
It's a great podcast -- don't miss it!