18 Oct The inside scoop on SA's giant data breach

In this special edition of the podcast, Andrew Fraser, who ensured TechCentral was the first media outlet this week to publish the news of the massive data breach involving the leaking of the personal records of more than 30m South African citizens, is joined by SensePost chief technology officer Dominic White and International Data Corp research manager Jon Tullett to talk about the breach and its implications.

In the podcast, Fraser sets out the timeline of events since Australian Web security expert Troy Hunt first uncovered the leak.

White then talks through how SensePost unearthed the real source of the leak, and Tullett explains the implications for South African users.

Also in the podcast, White and Tullett unpack the news this week about the severe vulnerability in WPA2, the security protocol used to secure Wi-Fi networks. What do we know about the vulnerability so far and what does it mean for end users?

This is one podcast you really do not want to miss!
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