Interview: Barclays Africa Group CIO Ashley Veasey

How is technology transforming the banking industry? In this episode, Duncan McLeod chats to Barclays Africa Group chief information and chief digital officer Ashley Veasey about how technology disruption is changing the face of banking. From the blockchain to artificial intelligence and mobile money to bot-driven apps and services, the industry is in a state of flux. What is Barclays Africa doing to remain competitive in an era where fintech start-ups are challenging the established order? In the podcast, Veasey talks in detail about the bank's investment in the Rise accelerator programme and why he believes established financial services institutions aren't going away anytime soon. He talks about cultural change, and what's driving that, and, of course, touches on the separation from Barclays and what that means for the group's IT strategy. It's a fascinating dive into the world of the world of fintech, banking technology, cultural change and shifting customer demands. Don't miss it!