Interview: HMD Global on the future of Nokia phones

Nokia is a brand that still has enormous cachet among South African consumers. In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Justin Maier and Patrick Henchie, vice-president and product head respectively at HMD Global in sub-Saharan Africa of the relaunch of the brand. HMD Global, a Finnish company with the exclusive rights to make phones using the Nokia brand, has released a number of midrange Android smartphones as well as a "reboot" of the iconic Nokia 3310. In the podcast, Maier and Henchie chat about HMD Global's plans for the local market and how it's positioning its new phones. They talk about how they plan to capitalise on the appeal of the Nokia brand, and how they plan to use vanilla Android to differentiate the new Nokia phones from the competition.