Interview: Russell Lamberti on how crypto money will change everything

Crypto money is going to change the world fundamentally. That's the word from Russell Lamberti, an economist and the head of ETM Macro Advisors, who believes the stage is set for a showdown between central banks - and nation-state governments - and the emerging world of distributed and anonymous cryptocurrencies. In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Lamberti talks about how crypto money could undermine central banks and even end the era of fiat money. It's a fascinating discussion about the historical role of central banks, and how cryptocurrenices like bitcoin could transform the monetary landscape. It's a wide-ranging discussion that touches on everything from government involvement in the ICT sector to the state of the South African economy, and follows a recent detailed presentation that Lamberti gave at the Free Market Foundation in Johannesburg. This is one podcast you dare not miss! Visit the entry on TechCentral: