Interview: Jo'burg finance MMC Rabelani Dagada

City of Johannesburg finance MMC Rabelani Dagada joins TechCentral's Duncan McLeod in this episode of the podcast to chat about the plans to make Jo'burg a smart city. Dagada talks about the billing system crisis, how it happened and what the new, Democratic Alliance-led administration is doing to fix it. Also in the podcast, Dagada - who is well known in ICT circles - reveals the city's plans to build Wi-Fi and digital camera infrastructure and to use the Internet of things to make the city function more effectively. McLeod asks him about the city's controversial fibre broadband roll-out - and the decision, under the previous administration - to buy the network for R1.3bn. He reveals that by the end of August, an independent report will be completed, which will make recommendations about what happens to the 900km of fibre rolled out by broadband operator BWired. Should the city be involved in building broadband infrastructure at all? Listen to the podcast to hear the Dagada's views on the subject. It's a fascinating discussion, providing detailed insights into how technology is likely to shape the future of South Africa's biggest and richest city.